Plan Your Visit

Sunday – 11 am
Park Avenue Baptist Church                                           

1135 Vestal Avenue
Binghamton, NY  13903

The only thing we’ll ask of you is quite simple:

Park Ave Baptist is a friendly gathering of Jesus-followers and truth-seekers.  We believe that life works best when we know who God is and live life His way.

Where to start.  The service starts at 11 am, but coming just five or ten minutes early will give you a chance to get settled, take a breath, and relax.

You don’t have to dress up.  We don’t have a dress code and you’ll notice a lot of variety in what people wear to worship.  Some come in jeans or shorts and T-shirts, some come in dresses or shirts and ties. Come however you are comfortable.  God looks at the heart, not a person’s clothes.

Parking?  No problem!  Two large parking lots welcome you making it easy for you to make your way inside.  The main entrance is located on Rush Avenue and is the nearest to the easy access ramp.

What to expect.  The service will include music, reading from the Bible, prayer, and a teaching time.  We gather at 11 am every Sunday morning to seek God together.  Please join us expecting to connect with others who are on this journey called life, engage with God’s Word as we hear some teaching together, and experience God!

After a little more than an hour, it’s over.

Need some extra help?
• A personal, individual listening system is available for hearing enhancement.
• An easy access ramp is located near the main entrance on Rush Ave.

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