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August 2020

It’s easier than ever before to see life the way we want to.  We can filter our images, pick the news we want to hear, and listen only to the viewpoints that we agree with. When we do that, we distort our view of the world. The same thing happens to our view of God when we reshape our perception of Him into what we want to believe.  Jesus came to bring us the truth about God and His plan for us, and it often doesn’t sound like what you’d expect.  This series debunks popular misconceptions and brings clear truth about Who Jesus really is and what Jesus never said (even when we wish He had).

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June 2020

Let the certainty of death someday shape how you live your life today.  It sounds kind of morbid, doesn’t it?  But nothing could be further from the truth!  Starting at the End will be a 10-week journey through the book of Ecclesiastes.  Mining the rich wisdom of King Solomon, we’ll learn what a satisfying life is…by finding out what it isn’t.  Our own short-sighted expectations -together with the lies of our spiritual enemy Satan- deliver a one-two punch that can keep us hopelessly off-balance, chasing things that cannot ultimately satisfy.  Had enough of futility and frustration?  Then let’s take an eye-opening journey together by Starting at the End.

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May 2020

What people say to us can bring encouragement and healing…or it can bring defeat and deep wounding. Words are powerful. The right words at the right time can be exactly what we need to hear—or what we need to say. We’re taking four weeks to confront four “habits of the mouth” -complaining, criticizing, lying and gossiping- to better understand how dangerous our mouths can be, and how we need the Gospel to transform us in these key areas.

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April 2020

Hebrews 4 presents three challenges for every believer.  They are as relevant today as the day they were written.  These challenges weren’t expressed in terms of “If you love God like I love God, you would…” or even “You really should”; instead they ARE an inclusive challenge that we can only live out together- “LET US…”  (get it, “lettuce”?) We may be listening separately during this isolating season, but God wants us to know how to live as a united community, especially now.

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Who is Jesus_c (1)

March 2020

When it comes to Jesus Christ -arguably the single most important figure in human history-, there are a lot of different opinions floating around out there. We want to sift through the evidence and see where the evidence points as to what was so unique and influential about Jesus. Did He just fool everyone? Did He believe His own ‘Son of God’ hype? or is it possible that He truly was everything He claimed? 

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whos the boss

February 2020

“You’ve gotta look out for #1.” But what if you found out that it isn’t you? Contrary to popular opinion, you are not the center of the universe; Jesus is. Jesus Christ is first and foremost in everything, and the life of the Christ-follower should reflect that priority. If you are rooted in Him, alive in Him, hidden in Him and complete in Him, then why would you ever try to live without Him? Get a big view of your big Savior, and don’t forget Who is the Boss…and who isn’t.

chasing carrots

January 2020

Join us for a series about things we often pursue in a quest for satisfaction that brings only fleeting happiness.  Now is the ideal time to hop off the treadmill and chase after something real, something God designed to bring calm to your restless heart.